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Based in Southfield, Michigan, Sims Preventive Maintenance LLC offers HVAC maintenance and appliance installation for residential and commercial clients. Choose from a wide variety of services for all types of heating and cooling systems and products, including:

Forced Air Systems
Steam & Hot Water Boilers
Hot Water Tanks
Central Air Conditioning Systems
Rooftop Air Conditioning Units
Split Air Conditioning Systems
Ice Machines
Walk-In Coolers

Residential Preventive Maintenance

Why are preventive maintenance plans so important? And why should I purchase one? Residential heating and cooling systems are very expensive to replace and to operate if regular maintenance is not performed on them. Would you let your car go without an oil change for three years or wear your clothes for a year and not clean them? We know what would happen if your car breaks down or your clothes become too filthy to wear. Both will require complete and expensive replacement.

Our residential preventive maintenance plans cover residential heating and cooling systems. We perform annual or semi-annual boiler and furnace maintenance plans, as well as routine air conditioning services. Our preventive maintenance plans cover repairs and the cleaning of your heating or cooling system, and there’s no need to worry about extra cost after the inspections are completed. We will repair any problem we find during our annual preventive maintenance service. All aspects of preventive maintenance are done on HVAC equipment and systems: filter changing, cleaning, boiler flushing, water treatment, safety checks, thermostats, and gas valves. We will repair or replace any component associated with the equipment for normal operation if it fails. Our service at Sims Preventive Maintenance covers inspections, maintenance, and repair, all under one monthly and affordable cost.

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